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Runkle offers a number of activities after normal school hours:


1. Runkle After School Programs (RASP)

2. Runkle Extended Day (RED)

3. School-led Sports Programs

4. Homework Centers


1. Runkle After School programs provides classes for K-5 after school. Parents are responsible for escorting their children to the classes after school and picking up promptly at the end of the class. Each class is paid for by parents. See more information on the RASP website.


2. Runkle Extended Day is an after school childcare solution for K-5. Children stay at Runkle after school and enjoy enrichment activities like science, games, and sports. They are picked up later (anytime before 6pm) by their guardians. See more information on the RED website.


3. School-led Sports Programs are currently run by middle school teacher Megan Lewis and currently include basketball, volleyball, and cross-country for middle school students. Runkle School will inform parents and children when tryouts are happening. The teams compete against the other Brookline schools. 


4. Homework Centers are school-led and provide a space for children to do their homework in the presence of a teacher. Homework centers are usually offered once or twice per week. See more details here.